First blog post


As I mentioned on the Home page, I created this page to share my thoughts and to express my understanding of the world around me. I believe that I have been blessed with the unique ability to understand the depth of things and to look at things, whether it is a situation or just life itself, with a very different perspective than usual. I am still quite very unsure about many things in life but what I am not unsure of is the basic foundation of who I am. I am an Old Soul. A quite proud one. I am very proud of who I have thus far discovered that I am but I am well aware that I have a very long journey ahead of me. My life hasn’t been perfect. I have come such a long way and I have had to endure things worse than most, but I have been blessed in such a way that my past has made me better and not bitter.

I believe that we are all given a choice. Yes, unexpected things happen in our lives and sometimes they are things that would make us wish that we were someone else or even worse. But what I have discovered throughout my life is that there is a reason you are you. There is a reason why you were made in a specific way and why you were given a specific name with specific flaws and a specific life. You were given everything you have, whether it is good or bad, for a specific reason. And that reason lies within you. Only you can handle whatever comes your way. And how do I know that? Because I know we have all been given the freedom to make choices. You choose whether you accomplish whatever it is you want or not. Pain comes with this life. But just because pain comes with this life, it doesn’t mean you can’t live a happy one. Our biggest problem as a specie, is that we don’t know when to let go of things that cause us nothing but pain. We hold onto things longer than we need to. I’ve done it too and unfortunately that is something we all have to learn the hard way. We choose whether we learn from our mistakes or not. We choose whether we do something or not. We choose whether we let go or not. We always choose. It’s about choices. Yes, it is way more difficult said than done, but it is also more simple than complicated. Another one of our downfalls as a specie is that we complicate things that are simple and when these things get too complicated to fix, who do we blame? Definitely not ourselves when we should be blaming no one else but ourselves. The biggest thing that we complicate is love. And when love seems to fail, who do we blame? We mustn’t forget that love never fails. There is a quote that I really love that states, ‘Love never fails. We fail love’, and it doesn’t get more true than that.

I believe that we will only grow if we allow ourselves to. I have learnt that the best way to grow and develop yourself as a person is to reflect on your life and to acknowledge how you have been blessed, because everyone in this life has been blessed in some or other unique way. You just choose whether you see it or not. It is better to be grateful than ungrateful. So continually search your soul for improvement and remove all negativity so that you can plant fresh seeds into your soul that’ll one day blossom beautifully. Your soul is precious and deserves to be taken care of as if it is.


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