Self-love definition

Self-love. What is self-love? Today, it is portrayed as being full of yourself or simply just carrying yourself “higher” than others, when in actual fact it is just regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. textgram_1459929285[1]

It is so very unfortunate that we live in a world where people thrive and live off someone else’s downfall. I can’t even digest the thought of having someone you consider a close friend, who appears to be there for you, secretly find happiness at your expense. People tend to think that because the majority of society behaves like this that we are all the same, but we are not. Society lives according to the “norm” and that small percentage that doesn’t conform or live up to those “standards” or doesn’t follow the trend is then considered unimportant or (and I quote) “weird”. I honestly believe that the people who are considered “out” or “unimportant” are some of the realist people you will ever meet. Some appear to be lonely and that they have no friends, but maybe you should think that sometimes they choose to be that way. Sometimes people choose to be on their own, because it’s easier than having to deal with people who simply aren’t real with you.I believe that it’s either you give your all or nothing at all. I believe that there is no point in creating friendships or holding onto people when it’s clear that it won’t last. The longer you hold on, the more pain you create for yourself. Yes, I do believe in not giving up on people you love and care about but I also believe in knowing when you should let go too. Sometimes holding on causes us more pain than just letting go, and knowing when to let go starts with you and how you view yourself.

So to come back to self-love, it starts with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking great care of yourself and appropriately putting yourself first. I have learnt that how you allow others to treat you is based on how much
you value yourself. And loving and valuing yourself is the same thing. There are many ways to love yourself but it all starts with realizing your worth. I have realized my worth a few years back and choosing to love and value myself is honestly the best decision I have ever made for myself. It has come to my attention that because of the way I carry myself, people consider me as someone who believes that they are better than others, but then again, the ones that judge the most are the ones that know the least. There is a huge difference between loving yourself and thinking you’re better than others. Loving myself and appropriately putting myself first, by making my worth known, has taught me how to let other people treat me. I believe that in the same way that if you give respect, you’ll get respect in return, that if you truly love yourself, the right people will truly love you too. Self-love is respecting yourself enough to value yourself for who you really are and I believe that self-love is also a promise. So give yourself credit for being the great person that you are and be proud of who you have become. No one is perfect. I mean, I’m far from being perfect. I make mistakes daily, but I have also learnt that it’s not about what you’ve done wrong. It’s about the content of your heart and soul. Deep down you know who and what kind of person you are. Embrace the good and continue learning from your mistakes by filtering out the negativity and this is me encouraging you to be the great person that you know you truly are!


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