Her soul burnt passionately on a daily.

She was like the centre of a flaming storm attracting all things powerful. She had the ability to conform her energy to connect with those she’d encounter or be confronted with and her energy was able to absorb it all so very deeply within her inner core where she’d treasure them all. She had cherished every energy she’d ever came across. Good or bad. Positive or negative. She had mastered the conversion of negative energy to positive energy to promote spiritual growth which in fact enabled all energies to feed her growth. She had refused to allow any negative outer universal energy to set foot within her soul to wreak havoc. She might not have been sure about herself throughout her circumstances, but she was damn sure of who it was that she wanted to become; And that was someone that would not succumb to any negative universal energy so that she could be in control of her own life, soul and mind.

She has chosen to stand up for herself. She will not become a victim of her mind. She will not become a victim of implanted desires that are not her own and she will, without a doubt, master her outside-body experience to create and define every detail of her soul from scratch to ensure that it’s her very own work and no one else’s. You are the creator of your masterpiece.


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