Female empowerment

There is power in being a female. You possess a power that no one else has because you are YOU and every YOU is unique.

What many fail to realise is that there are things inside you-powerful things- that could change not only your own world but the world around you too. I am a firm believer that you have the power to change your situation. Why? Okay let me explain.

Whatever you think, you feel. Right? So when you get upset about something, what actually just happened? Your brain, let’s say generated, the thought whether to get upset or not. So you THOUGHT first and then CHOSE between getting upset or not. And what happens after you choose? You do. And after you made your decision, you felt a certain way because that Is how the human body works. Our thoughts are like little drugs that each release chemicals within our bodies. Okay so obviously the point wasn’t about getting upset, but the emphasis is on the principle. You get to choose. You create your experience. You choose what experience you experience.

So I am telling you right now that you should believe in the power that you hold within yourself. Oh my word If only you had a clue.. it’s time to start standing up for ourselves no matter how insignificant the situation may seem and to say “I WILL NO LONGER FALL VICTIM TO MY BODY”. We are in control of our bodies and situations and WE have the POWER to say what goes. You have a good heart but don’t allow it to make you a fool.

“Precious as a bunny, queen as a crown.”

Meaning : Be gentle as a rabbit, but stay true to yourself by knowing your worth.

I AM Female.


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  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Emanating Old Soul,
    Thanks for checking out my blog, Reflections. Actually, I haven’t blogged at Reflections in about 16 months. I hope you will check out my new blog MostlyBlogging.com. Actually, I’m having a blog party this weekend, and I’d love for you to come. Here is the link to the party:

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    1. Thank you so much Janice xx


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