Finding the beauty in the storm. 

Witnessing how the people dearest to me all have their seasons where it’s their chance to be broken down, made vulnerable and remolded makes me realise that we all have things to learn in life.

It’s fascinating to see that even though we are all so very different, due to variation when conceived, we all still have to learn the same things. Yes, some learn more than others and others way less, but I’ve noticed that at the end of the day, we all have to learn the basics in life, whether it’s when you’re really young, in your late 20’s or even later. The timing is the only thing that then defines you. I believe that everyone has been given a specific life that has been created by God Himself and physical variation that we see is just proof that we are all different and that different lives have been assigned to different people because we are so very unique. There is a quote that I absolutely love that goes as follows:

God gives his greatest battles to His strongest soldiers.

Based on my perspective, this quote isn’t just about the specific battle that different people have been given due to their level of strength, but more so, it is about variation that lies within this quote. It says that God gives his greatest battles to His strongest soldiers, which ultimately states that God is selective in giving different lives (battles) to us all. Simultaneously, He has also given us a choice.

That is how variation is maintained. If you put two people in the same situation, both will come out having learnt different things and most probably one will have learnt more than the other. This way of life is what keeps variation constant.

We all have our season where it’s time for us to break and to renew ourselves. But you have been given the choice whether to get the most out of it or not. As you know, I just happen to be one of those that chooses everyday to do so, because I refuse to be forced to endure things and return from the storm having learnt the minimum or absolutely nothing. The moment my life changed completely is the moment I chose to embrace the storm rather than to completely wish it had never arrived. Embrace the storm more than you wish it had never came. Remember, experiences teach.


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  1. Lessons. They come from every storm and you are wise to realize that. Blessings to you!! By the way, thank you so much for visiting my blog and following. I’ve done the same for you. I hope you’ll visit soon

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