How to deal with insecurity?

Heavy thoughts of insecurity and negativity tend to hit me sometimes.

There are times when I feel so unworthy, because of temptations which try their utmost best to shake and rock the foundation of my very being.

The more I felt myself being sucked into this cloud of darkness, the more I reminded myself that this is so not healthy for me.

I guess that’s the lesson in this:

Realizing again that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and sometimes things happen but, no matter what your age, you are always going to be tempted by many things but at the end of the day, regardless of any force against you, all that matters is where your heart lies, what type of person you’re striving toward becoming in life and what you do about your current circumstance. I’ve learnt that these forces will only keep on coming back stronger and that is why it is so necessary for you to know who you are and who you want to be.

Have you ever thought that maybe, sometimes certain people are selected to endure the deeper forces of temptations, because they have been chosen to be a representative of not only a physical survivor but an emotional and spiritual one, instead of a victim; being able to respond to someone’s story with not only an empowering “I completely understand” but so much more.

Maybe your struggle isn’t meant to make you hate yourself, but more so, to enable you to connect with others more in depth with such a widespread understanding. My only advice is that when you find yourself in this situation, it doesn’t matter what, do not grant it the power to cause insecurity and hate within yourself.

Take a deep breathe, calm yourself, look into your soul and feel who you really are. Do not let your foundation be shaken.


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