Love: Don’t be the cause of your own misery. 

I guess what I’ve finally come to realize is that there is no such thing as that perfect someone. Love is about not only the good times but the bad times too, and that means that when you say you love someone, you are actually saying that you love them for the good and the bad about them. I guess life and love is all about finding someone whose bad is worth loving and choosing, without doubt, everyday. It’s choosing that one special person out of this entire world to love, even when they’re most unlovable, and sticking to it.

Find someone who’s worth choosing, and if you’ve already found that one, don’t let love wait on the other side of the door. Sometimes we are the main cause of our own misery, because we continually compare our reality to that picture in our heads. It’s time to remove the image that has been imprinted in our minds of what we think love is supposed to look and be like and to start creating our own picture. It’s time to finally let happiness flow into your life. Allow yourself to be truly happy and let love in.


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