Earth Hour 

“​And through it all, it is well.”

I sat alongside the beach today and somehow the sound of the ocean always takes me to a place I long to be. It’s amazing and also scary how staring into vast nothingness can make your life seem a whole lot less complicated. I sat there on my own, focused on the waves, its sound and its swift movement. I watched how the ocean forcefully slammed itself against the rocks to make one massive splash each time and there was something so incredibly powerful about that.

Thinking back on it now, I guess you can say that Mother Earth has given us metaphors to help us find our way in times of need. Watching those powerful waves paint an incredible picture made me realize that in life there is always going to be an obstacle that will forcefully enter your life, but standing your ground just as that rock did, will result in a marvelous picture to be painted that will have the power to leave people in awe, just as the ocean left me in awe today.


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