How to handle what life throws at you.

No matter how many times things have become awfully bad. No matter how many times I’ve felt weakened and defeated, never has there ever been a reason for me not to be grateful and extremely thankful for every single thing in my life, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Life has taught me that when things decide to take a turn for the worst and you have no control left over the situation, in order to survive you need to focus on being thankful for every single thing that you have been given that hasn’t decided to let you down. You need to count your blessings more now than ever before. This is the only thing that you have left that will help you survive and bring about healing.

Counting your blessings, every single one of them, will make you realize how much there is to be thankful for. I honestly pray that not only do I but that you won’t ever let pain penetrate your skin so deep that you will no longer be able to appreciate the finer things in life. That never will the darkness cave in on you so far that you can no longer see the light of your blessings. There is honestly so much to be happy about.

I never want to become someone that no longer sees the smaller things in everyday life such as the indescribable feeling in your chest when watching a sunset; the sun-reflected shimmer bouncing off the faraway ocean; the colour scheme and purity of the sparkling evening sky; the feeling of the ocean-filled air pressed against my skin and everyday greetings and love given to me by my cat when I get home. Some of those things may sound ridiculous to you but for others, it is tiny things like that that is more than enough to help them come-by and find the strength again to overcome anything with a smile.

My point is, there are so many things to be happy about that will help you live a fulfilled life. It’s crazy how the smaller “insignificant” things win every time.

If only you would look a little closer…

Ironic isn’t it?



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  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Journey of an Old Soul,
    I agree. It’s important to count our blessings and appreciate what you have that’s good.
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