Although the #MenAreTrash movement may have originated from a very unfortunate place, there seems to be a silver lining as it is bringing many South African women together. Women from all over, including men, are in support of this movement and it is heart-warming to see that there are men willing to understand the under-lying message.

Now ladies, I know we are all asking ourselves every single day what can be done to change the state of our society, because unfortunately, a hashtag will simply not be enough. It feels like there is not much that we can do but we will no longer settle for that. We will keep standing together. We will keep being strong. We will keep supporting one another, including this movement until the entire world not only sees but UNDERSTANDS the seriousness of this matter and the pain that we’ve been keeping a secret for far too long. We will no longer submit to living in fear. That little girl that you once were will no longer keep quiet. We are standing up for ourselves, for our fellow male and female victims and most importantly, for our future sons and daughters.

This #Menaretrash movement is not a men thing, it’s a people thing; a society thing, and we need to let the world see that South Africa is taking a stand for the future. This is not only a South African problem, it’s a universal tragedy and change is long overdue. Young girls should be able to live their lives. Young boys should be able to live their lives. Kids should be able to play safely at the park or in their front yards. We should be able to walk these streets without expecting the worst to happen. Young girls should be able to dream about one day becoming mothers instead of questioning whether or not a child should be brought into this world. We should be able to walk home from school, on campus or to work and go about our everyday lives happily. We should all be able to dream about a bright future where fear no longer intervenes. I believe that the future lies in our hands. We aren’t little kids anymore. The innocent children playing outside shouldn’t have to fear the way we have feared. They shouldn’t have to suffer the way we have suffered.

Let’s change their future. Let’s change our future.

Let’s educate, respect and join one another in love.



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