Remind yourself of this everyday 

Sometimes you’ve just got to say “stuff it”!

Ever find yourself worrying the most, time and time again, over the things you know you literally cannot change, because it’s out of your hands? I most definitely am guilty of this, but I mean, how can you not constantly think about something you find soooo important? It’s hard to prevent your mind from wondering off and going crazy especially if you’re the type of person that focuses on planning every aspect of your life. I know we all do this, because we only want to reflect on our lives one day and be truly proud and reeealllyy happy, but truth is, we shouldn’t be so focused on the end result that we don’t choose to have fun right now. I read something the other day and yeesss I know it’s quuuite cleché’ish, but it said that the journey is what it’s all about. Just because you haven’t reached your goals and dreams yet doesn’t mean that you cannot feel blessed and be EXTREMELY happy now.

Truth is, you might not even reach those hopes and dreams of yours, because God could have different plans for your life (which will be much better of course, because He knows what’s best for you ) which gives you all the more reason to not be so focused on the future that you aren’t capable of “living” right now.

Your future is important, but the journey matters more.

Lots of love



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