Coffee in the morning

I live for a life that fills my heart…my soul.

I live for a life that involves nothing but the simple things;

The little things such as waking up to the smell of breakfast, to the sound of laughter and simply, simple things such as great cups of morning coffee. Damn, there’s nothing like that first cup of coffee. People have always thought that the definition of a great life was having this majestic thing to wake up to every morning, but not me. I live for those moments when you’re so happy you can feel the tingles under your skin. For those moments when you’re buzzing with happiness, you feel you could lay your life out on the table, with nothing holding you back, and you wouldn’t even feel the slightest bit embarrassed. What about those intimate days with the beach in sight, having coffee and cake, spending quality time with your loved ones, taking photos so that you could forever have some kind of souvenir that captures that memorable day. And don’t even forget about the hold the aroma will have on you. It will forever be engraved in you, like beautiful words imprinted in stone. That uniquely created scent made of the combination of salty sea air and strong coffee will forever have an infinite hold on you.

There are so many little things one can hold dear to one’s heart that is capable of lighting a fire within you in an instant.

Truth is, there are so many ways to find that happiness, but the trick is to not go searching for it. Find what it is that you are passionate about and in doing you, it will definitely make its way to you.

Man, I can’t tell you how great it feels to live for the simple things.


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  1. Mickayla Cummings says:

    Gen. This is so amazing. Like, why have I never read any of your pieces before? This was liberating and simply, quote, lit a fire within me. Thank you for this. Keep doing this x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mickayla, I have no words for you. You’re the sweetest! I appreciate it so much 🌹 especially coming from you. Thank you ❤ You’re a sweetheart✨🌹❤


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