It doesn’t get more real than this

I am still in awe and incredibly amazed at how things have all been put into place like pieces to a puzzle. I am completely astonished at how I can clearly see exactly why certain past events had to happen the way they did and what their purpose was. It’s amazing how something that once seemed so confusing and overwhelming can suddenly seem like something so small. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

My little old soul has been my best friend and my guide through the heartache caused by heartbreak, broken friendships, my past and insecurities that I sometimes wasn’t sure I’d get through but did. Truth is, we all have scars and sometimes things happen and as a result of these things, old wounds get scraped open only to bleed again, but the fact that it was once a scar proves that there’s no reason why it won’t become one again, so hang in there.

So many times in life we have moments where we come to a standstill, we reflect and ask ourselves…Why is life so unfair towards me?… but you know, who ever said that life was ever going to be fair towards you? Heck, nevermind you, anyone for that matter. There is always going to be someone or even many others doing much better than you and the moment you accept that and shift your focus to your own life is the moment you’ll be able to move forward, because the more you compare, the more you’ll drown by feeling sorry for yourself. When it comes to situations regarding this topic, my only motto is this:

Life isn’t fair. It doesn’t always give you what you want but it gives you two options. Either you get over it and allow yourself to grow, or you don’t and you get consumed by it. You might not always get to control the situation, but you do get a say in what you do about it.

Lots of love

p.s love Gen xx


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