Take me away

And so she began…

“So listen carefully to these words I say,

Take me away.

Take me to a place I have never been.

To a place that doesn’t exist in my world;

That doesn’t form part as a figment of my imagination.

Gently lift me, calm my wild soul but do not tame me, and blow me away like a rose petal in the wind.

I want to feel the depths of you. I want to drown in the strength of your gentle love.

Make me feel like I’m all you’ll ever need.

Let us meet amongst the stars.

We’ll speak poetry into the galaxies and the art we make will be sent into orbit.

The stars will be our witnesses and the moon our inspiration.

Love me like you’ve never loved before; like you’ll never love again.

All I ask is that you love me as if love is all there is to uncover,

For there is beauty in a man determined to love a woman beyond her idea and dreams of love;

A man determined to remove her idea of love and willing to spend the rest of his life painting a better one for her.

So listen to these words I say.

Take me away.

Take me to a place I have never been.”


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