Nothing but healing, growth and love.

I think so many people don’t realize that the way you love and the way you are treated in return, is a reflection of them, not you. You shouldn’t ever feel like you’re dumb or stupid or absolutely pathetic for loving someone non-stop, regardless of the way that they treat you in return.

Why should you be shamed and be considered “weak” for not being able to walk away from what’s not good for you? Why should you be ashamed of your forgiving, unconditional and loyal love? Why should you feel bad for not being able to “turn off” your loving self just because he is cold with you? Why should you have to suffer as a result of being forced to pull back because he is yet again pulling back from you? You shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of wanting to leave so many times before because of the way you were treated, but didn’t because of your unconditional and forgiving love. Staying with someone regardless of how they treat you is an act of selflessness- choosing him over your self-love and self-worth. Does he even realize that? Does he realize that you prioritise him to such an unhealthy extent that you put your own self-love, while knowing exactly what you deserve, aside because of your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for him? As the Bible says, love is forgiving and always hopeful. Why should you feel bad for practising real love? After all, real love is what you’ve always wanted. That’s what you’ve always strived toward. It’s what everyone should strive toward. So again, WHY SHOULD YOU EVER HAVE TO FEEL BAD AND ASHAMED AND PATHETIC FOR BEING COMPLETELY LOYAL AND HOPEFUL AND FORGIVING AND LOVING, REGARDLESS OF THE WAY YOU’RE BEING TREATED?

So you listen to me now, THE WAY HE TREATS YOU IS NOT A REFLECTION OF YOU BUT A REFLECTION OF HIM. You never did anything wrong. You’ve always cared. You were always there. You always gave your best. You’ve always prioritised him. You forgot about you and focused on him. You put him above everything. His needs above yours. He consumed all of your mind and that isn’t a bad thing, so don’t ever feel like it was. That is a BEAUTIFUL and PURE reflection of the STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and UNCONDITIONAL love that you are able to provide! I’ll say that again: THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL AND PURE REFLECTION OF THE STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, UNCONDITIONAL AND FOREVER KIND OF LOVE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE.

So forget about how you were treated in return! Let me tell you this, which you probably haven’t even thought of (and if you have, know that I am so proud of you. If you haven’t, that is more than okay. God’s timing was just different for you and that time has finally come!):

Do you know how proud God is of you? Do you know how incredibly happy and proud it makes Him to see that you’re practising the INDESCRIBABLE LOVE that He has for you? To see that you are striving toward being as kind as Jesus was.; To treat someone beautifully. Man, I can’t tell you how proud He is of you!

So don’t ever let someone’s bad reciprocated actions leave you feeling discouraged, and most importantly, worthless and undeserving. Wake up, girl! Do you realize how big that is?-You are willing, without any doubt, to put your own self-love aside to be there for him. Do you realize how BIG that is! Man, you are beautifully selfless and so so special! Do you realize that? You are so special, so deserving, so capable and beautiful. You were able to give him all of you when he needed that. That’s rare. So rare and you should give yourself credit for that. Don’t let one person stop you from making God proud. You’re doing this for Him, not for anything or anyone else. That’s where your strength lies. Your strength lies in doing anything and everything for God! Don’t be discouraged. Keep making Him proud. He sees you and He loves you so much!

I’m in this with you. You are not alone.

Let’s get excited, keep being hopeful and focus on this verse:

“She holds onto hope for God is forever faithful.” 1 Corinthians 1:9.

Don’t lose hope. All you can do is pray for the one that you love, even if you are no longer together. We are all struggling and some struggle a bit more than others. Pray for God to take care of the one you love, to help them learn & grow, and most importantly, to heal them. “We cannot pray in love and live in hate and still think we are worshipping God.” Know that there is always more to it than what appears on the surface.

Luke 6:28 says, “Pray for those who mistreat you.”

Remember, God loves the one you love as much as He loves you. So do not worry for God will take care of you both. He is forever faithful to you! So get excited about His perfect Love for you!

He has got you, always ❤

Lots of love xx



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