She is indefinable.

You think you know what depth is until you meet her.

She’s the type of girl to knock you off your feet. She’s the girl you never knew existed. So good, your imagination wasn’t even able to design her. You think you’ve met every type of girl but you’ll have no idea what happened to you when you meet her. She’ll have you believing in things you’ve never believed in before. She’ll have you change the way you think and the way you understand. You think you’re stubborn but her words will grab hold of every part of you and not even a fraction of her story will bring you to your knees. She’s the type of girl so different yet familiar enough to feel like home. She’s art. Pure art. She’s made of passion. Equipped with enough self-love to hold up the both of you. She’s a focused, driven and goal-orientated woman but will grab you when she sees you’re about to fall and get hurt. She’s an incredibly strong woman, powerful enough to juggle all that comes both your and her way. Her depths will blow your mind, leave you stunned and your soul fed all at once. She knows what pain feels like, so her number one priority will always be to take care of you, ensuring that you wouldn’t have to feel the same pain that she’s already become so familiar with. She’s a strong, Godly woman that will put you above everything except God. She knows she has her flaws but she will always come back to God no matter what. She will always ensure that she is spiritually taken care of so that she can be strong enough to do the same for you. She will love you endlessly, fall dangerously in love with you every single day and respect you like no other. She will be here to build you, not to break you. She’ll be here to strengthen you, to guide you and to hold you up when you aren’t capable of doing that yourself. She will ride with you through anything and give you all that you never knew you needed. She’ll be your Queen and treat you no less than a King.

She is all that and yet so beautifully indefinable.


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