Desaturated colours

I’ve lost more than half of patience months ago and I’ve been struggling to get it back. The universe has shifted my worlds and has put me in a position now where I’ve started realizing that I’ve lost that part of myself. The universe has not only shown me that I’ve lost that part but has also shown me how much I need to get it back. I know I’ll get there. I don’t doubt that for a second. Getting there isn’t the only important part, it’s embracing the uncertainty and the entire journey to there that’s just as essential.

Why does it naturally feel wrong to embrace and show your truth to the world?

Why does it come naturally to hide your truth and constantly make your life look pretty all the time? It’s not. This is real life. This is me embracing the desaturated colours of my life. It’s not all flowers and roses. Embrace the dirt needed to grow those flowers and roses, too.


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  1. Broskie says:

    So true. (skype chicken dancing)

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