Faith is an action

These past few months, God gave me exactly what I had asked for during prayer – that my faith be tested, and oh, has He tested me.

Sometimes, we ask that our faith be strengthened, but we forget that God will take time to answer us, causing us to forget what we had asked for, resulting in Him catching us off guard.

God likes to test our faith regularly, especially if you ask Him to. He will allow things to come into your life to shake you a little, showing you exactly what sticks and what doesn’t, shining light on what you’re doing correctly, what needs to be fixed and what dirt needs to be thrown out.

You must remember that when you ask God to strengthen your faith, He will do it. He will do it every single time you ask Him to. That I can promise you.

How amazing is it to have a God that answers you? You can come to Him with anything and He not only hears but answers you when you call on Him. He collects every tear drop and when the time is right, He shows you how He will fix what is broken and does what’s best for you. So often, do we bring things to God’s feet and ask Him for things that we’ve put our hearts into, and when God’s answer is no, we get mad and throw a tantrum. That’s not leaving it in God’s hands. That’s giving it to Him but still trying to be in control.

If you give something over to God, you need to give it all and be fully dependent on Him.

That is what He wants. You will see that once you fully give your life and problems over to Him and leave it in His hands, everything will begin to unfold the way it should, but on His time, not your own.

God is the Father, and the Father knows best. Best leave it all up to Him. You won’t be sorry.đź’•


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