Be still

Taking time regularly to sit and reflect not only makes you realize how far you have come but is actually so incredibly good for you too.

I always tend to reflect as it’s been something that has come naturally to me since I was like 14 years old, and what I have always found is that every single reflection has always come down to the same thing: God’s pure and undeserving Love and Grace in my life.

Through all the obstacles, difficulties, challenges, you name it, that comes with every day life; through all the emotional and overwhelming roller coasters, it has always come down to God’s AMAZING love. Life tends to become quite challenging, but when everything dies down at the end of the day and you quiet yourself down, God’s love and strength always comes shining through.

He is always there.

He has always been there, and He will always be there.

Your life can unravel today and become how chaotic but at the end of each day, you will always come home and God will be there to take your heavy load from you. He will greet you with the warmest welcome, ask how your day was and will gently say: “Come, I’ll take it from here. Give this heavy load to me. You’ve done enough for the day so rest now.”

God has always been there for me like this. Through all my pain, my disappointments, obstacles and anxieties, He has been there to make it all better. All I’ve ever had to do was become quiet enough to hear Him as He whispers, “just trust me”, softly into my heart.❤

Are you quiet enough to hear Him?


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